About Me and My Blog

Hi there!!!

I’m Brooklyn (she/her). Aside from having a name, I’m also a book blogger, high schooler, and, of course, voracious reader. I love morally grey characters and am a semicolon and Percy Jackson enthusiast. I also enjoy cats, rock climbing, buying too many clothes, and fun facts. On my blog you can expect me talking (or screaming) about books and while hiding from my tbr.

More About Me

MY HOME: San Francisco, CA, USA. “The City by the Bay,” or, my personal favorite, “The Fog City.”

MY CATS: Their names are Umlaut and Ellie (Ellipse) because I’m a huge nerd and named my cats after punctuation. Although I suppose an umlaut is technically an accent.

FAVORITE GENRES: Romance, fantasy and detective fiction!!

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: The West Wing. I think this might legitimately be the best show. Also, Psych. It’s very, very funny.

(current) (ish) FAVORITE FUN FACT: The collective for ferrets is business.

More About My Blog

  • On my blog, you can find recommendation lists, book reviews, book related diys (quarantine is making me very bored), and more!!!
  • I focus primarily on YA and detective fiction, because that’s most of what I read BUT I have been trying to branch out of late (i’m looking at you nonfiction).
  • I’ve only been since blogging spring of 2020 but all those really early posts are bad and embarrassing so they’re mostly private now. The slightly later posts are also bad but slightly less embarrassing so feel to go look and laugh at those.
  • I love working with authors and publishers! I have more information on that here.

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